The ActivePosture® Shirt

The posture correcting ActivePosture® shirt improves your posture and reduce pain. It has a documented effect on reducing pain in the back, neck and shoulders.

The original ActivePosture® Shirt

With the posture correcting ActivePosture® shirt, you can optimise your posture and improve your body position in all everyday activities and chores. The t-shirt can also help improve your posture in situations where you sit down and relax.

The ActivePosture® shirt is known as Posture Shirt™ 2.0. It is designed and developed with integrated support straps, which provide support to the muscles around the back, shoulders and neck. These support bands have been developed with inspiration from the use of kinesio-tape and knowledge of human physiology.

Posture Shirt™ 2.0 is the original posture correcting t-shirt on the market. And it is the only one of its kind that is CE registered as a medical device. The t-shirt has a documented effect from scientific studies, which shows that the ActivePosture® shirt can have a positive effect on chronic pain. Read more about this below.

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Features of the ActivePosture® Shirt

ActivePosture® shirt is CE-registered as medical device

The ActivePosture® Posture Shirt™ 2.0 is registered as a medical device. The CE certification is a documentation that the product meets the requirements for quality and safety that have been set for medical equipment. The ActivePosture® shirt is the only one of its kind with such certification. It is always good to keep a healthy suspicion when looking for a posture shirt with many poorly made counterfeit products on the market. These counterfeit products are almost always shipped from countries abroad (if shipped at all).

Moisture wicking and breathable material

The ActivePosture® shirt is produced in a material with a unique composition of spandex, nylon and polyester. This means that the material is extremely mobile and ensures breathability. The material is also antimicrobially treated, which makes it transport the sweat away from the body and limits body odeur. This makes the t-shirt ideal to use when you are physically active.

Developed with unique and patented support straps

ActivePosture® has the European patent on the technology used to produce the unique support bands integrated in the Posture Shirt™. The support bands are called NeuroBands™, and the technology behind these bands are based on research on human physiology. They are designed to reflect the contractile and resilient abilities of the muscles around the back and shoulders. Thus, they provide support to the muscles and allow full movement without overtaking the muscles' functionality.

ActivePosture® customer reviews

Customer reviews of ActivePosture® Shirt

customer 1

Highly recommended!
I bought a few of these for my partner who has difficulty keeping his back straight (something to do with a muscle disorder?!) Instantly there was a difference when he put on the shirt. He has tried so many things and had difficulty keeping up his use...not with these! He now as 3 and I have one for myself. He tends to wear his under his clothing and notices a difference if he doesn't wear one for a day or two. Highly recommend
Roice D.

customer 2

Worth every penny
Worth every penny. Was so sceptic about purchasing one but thought if it helps my spinal problem and posture then it has to be worth a go. First wear was strange as I made the mistake of wearing it for 4 hours, when it should have been no longer than an hour. Gave myself a rest for a few days, then worked up to gradually wearing it occasionally when physical. Best money I’ve ever spent on my health. Highly recommend these t-shirts. I used to have my shoulders taped up by an osteopath, and the cost of 2 sessions certainly pays for one of these tops, and does exactly the same thing. Brilliant design. ❤️
Michelle G.

Pain relief with the ActivePosture® shirt

The ActivePosture® shirt is the only posture correcting t-shirt on the market with a documented effect on relieving pain and tension. This documentation comes from scientific studies. Furthermore, the results from a customer survey also show that  the posture clothing works. In the survey, more than 1000 ActivePosture® customers participated. These customers were primarily using the ActivePosture® shirt.

It was concluded that posture clothing has a positive effect on improving posture and relieving pain and muscle tension. At the same time, it was concluded that there is a positive correlation between improved posture and reduced pain. This means that an improved posture can help relieve pain in the back, shoulders and neck. This is because the muscles are supported and relieved when the body is in its optimal position. 

Results from the study

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77% of respondents with headaches feel that the intensity of their headache is reduced after they started wearing the ActivePosture® shirt

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Upper back pain

73% of respondents with upper back pain feel that the intensity of the pain has decreased after they started using their ActivePosture® product

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Neck pain

70% of respondents with neck pain feel that the frequency of the pain is reduced after they started to wear the ActivePosture® shirt

0 %

Shoulder pain

73% of respondents with shoulder pain feel that the intensity of their shoulder pain has been reduced after they started using posture-correcting clothes from ActivePosture®

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Lower back pain

65% of respondents with lower back pain feel that the intensity of the pain has diminished after they started using their ActivePosture® shirt

Review from the physiotherapist

In my treatment, I recommend Posture Shirt 2.0 for several different issues. The typical ones are pain in the neck, shoulders and back. I think the shirt does really well by correcting the posture. But also by increasing posture awareness on the postural muscles as well as the muscles around the shoulder blade, which affect the functionality of the shoulder. Several of the shoulder blade muscles are also connected to the neck and can contribute to headaches.

When can you wear the ActivePosture® Shirt?

If you work by a computer

People who work a lot in front of a computer and thus have a primarily sedentary job are often prone to pain. Shoulder pain, back pain, neck tension and headaches are the most common consequences. This is because many people have a tendency to slouch in their chair leading one’s muscles to be inactive. In this context, the ActivePosture® shirt helps the body to assume its optimal position by gently encouraging you to pull the shoulders back. When you pull your shoulders back, you activate the back muscles. You can hereby prevent and relieve pain and tension caused by slouching.

Working in a standing or physically hard job

Do you have a physically demanding job, for example as a craftsman, where asymetrical working positions are part of your working day? Or maybe you have a predominantly standing job, for example as a hairdresser, where you find yourself in the same static positions over and over again? Regardless of profession, the ActivePosture® shirt will help you find and maintain the most optimal posture throughout the working day, thus preventing unnecessary tension, wear and tear and muscle pain as a result of a poor working position.

Wear ActivePosture® shirt when doing sports

The ActivePosture® shirt is useful for sports and training, as it is made of a breathable, sweat-transporting and movable material. It ensures that the muscles of the back and shoulders are activated. Further, it ensures that the body is in its optimal position when a given activity is performed. The posture shirt can be used for cycling, horseback riding, strength training, running and hiking. It can also be used as a base layer when playing e.g. football, rugby or basketball. In the UK it is popular amongst people playing tennis and golf. These are asymmetrical sports where posture is key to perform at the best of one’s ability. For training purposes, the ActivePosture® shirt can help prevent injuries. This is because it provides an improved starting point for remembering to tighten up the muscles. And this can ultimately help prevent injuries.

Performing household chores

As in the other everyday situations, an ActivePosture® shirt can help your body adopt the most optimal posture when performing household chores. It is not restricting movement and can therefore be used whether you clean, cook, mown the lawn, or arrange the laundry. By performing the tasks with the body in an optimal posture, pain and tension are prevented and relieved.

Wear the ActivePosture® shirt when relaxing

It is ideal to wear the ActivePosture® shirt when watching TV, reading a book or just relaxing. By using your posture-correcting t-shirt for both activity and relaxation, the body gets used to the optimised posture more easily. In the long run, it will make the muscles “remember” the good posture, even when you are not wearing the t-shirt.


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